Thiel , the Plane and the Caveman

3 min readApr 27, 2017


The best way technology can serve our future is by avoiding the stupid now.

Every time I grab a plane to go somewhere, I have the same odd feeling, I surprise myself thinking on how a caveman would react by seeing this giant of “iron” flying as easy as any tiny bird.

I am pretty sure that the poor guy would go insane ( or simply faint-out), since the sky have allways been since dark ages the kingdom of mythological creatures, angels, god and …. Birds

And remained until our era the only realm man failed to really conquer.

My second thought is usually, how us the humans of this era would react to a technology 1000 years ahead, would we like my plan glazing cave man, or maybe something worse like this poor dude finding himself on the international space station.

I am afraid that the last option is the most plausible and that’s what make it exciting and scary at the same time, thinking that if the world wouldn’t collapse because of our stupidity (or god’s will) within the next 1000 years, the daily life of an average man would be far beyond the craziest we know now, meaning , fusion, space (and why not even time) travel, not to mention A.I and robotics that would look like the fork and knife today.

I mean really, what’s beyond having and unlimited source of energy? Or after reaching the speed of light. How would be the future human, with a tremendously extended life and a massively augmented body that will make robocop and even ironman, look like two speaking tuna cans.

The harder I try to push it, I sadly have to face my imagination’ frontiers, otherwise what science discovered - or at least told us that it would be theoretically possible or doable.

Peter Thiel said in his manifesto about the future “ We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”… with all my due respect to Thiel but seriously ! Who needs a flying car? It is for sure as useless as the 140 caracters, would lead to more casualties and a smaller change of paradigm.

Because to be honnest with you a cheap, small version of a private jet with less autonomy and road capabilities wont revolutionize the world and would remain nothing more than a “toy” for 70’s and 80’s kids raised with sci-fi, that are grown -and rich- enough to afford it just as its big and expensive cousin.

But teleportation…oh boy! That would be the real deal.

More down to earth and realistic I would say that in our messed-up world the core innovation must serve us now.

For example , beating death is futile (another obsession of selfish fearful minds with a cruel lack of adventure spirit). Whereas offering a decent life to live for everyone is what matters.

And by decent life I mean avoiding the stupid.

  • Avoiding the stupid work ( automation, improvement and technicity ).
  • Avoiding the stupid death ( security and medication).
  • Avoiding the stupid suffering ( water and nutrition).
  • And most of all, avoiding the stupid life : ignorance (education).

Of course we can’t be all serious people doing serious stuff, and there always be guys trying to beat death and make flying cars as far as it would be somebody else’s dream… mine is more antigravitational jet propulsed car and jetpack exoskeleton…but after all i’m just another 90’s kid raised with time-travelling cars and flying robots :)

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